Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Plans for the future

are uncertain for me.
There are a few things that I know:
-I will graduate from college
-I will eventually go into ordained ministry
-I will eventually go to seminary and become ordained

I just don't know HOW to do those last two. I'm so conflicted about in which denomination I'm called to serve and the timeline for going to seminary. Do I go directly after college? Do I wait a few years? If I decide to go into ministry somewhere other than PC USA, I'd need to take some time to attend that church, join and be confirmed. (Or do I?)

Which asks a related question, what do I do with myself between college and seminary? I'll have a degree in Religion with a minor in music and probably history as well. Would I teach? Will a school even hire me? (Save Christian schools) Do I go into youth ministry for a while to get on my feet? That seems the most reasonable option, I can get acquainted with the church and its procedure and still fulfill my calling. Maybe it's not even necessary to be a confirmed member in the denomination before you attend their seminary and seek ordination.

This whole post left out the ENTIRE "marriage" question. I find that interesting, for so long I always assumed that I would just get married soon after college and would figure things out then, but now I'm wondering about that. I haven't met anyone that I am interesting in marrying, and I am definitely not going to settle. I don't want to get married old because I'd like to have children, but ultimately it's all in God's hands when I find that special one and the circumstances thereof.

Holy Week grace and peace,

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Still alive

But barely! Greek test tomorrow is going to melt my brain. It will be fantastic. I stayed up late "studying" but I'm really just on facebook the whole time because I can't concentrate worth beans. I know, cue terrible person sob story here.
Anyway, sorry for neglecting the blog. School has been busy like WOAH and as soon as I get a chance to breathe, I will update you all on what's going on with me. =)

Grace and peace (Greek for peace is χαρα btw),

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I can haz JOB!

That's right, internet. Brookie officially has a summer job.
This is either the end of the world or the dawning of a new, beautiful era. Let's go with the latter- I could use some good times!

Thanks everyone for your support, I can't wait to be a working woman. I know, shocked are we? I think that it will be an empowering and rewarding experience for me, and I hope that I'm able to do something good in someone's life through my job.

Lenten grace and peace,