Friday, May 21, 2010

60th post!

Oh yes!

I've been busy lately crocheting a baby afghan for a friend. I kind of like the pattern, it's simple- but I'm using a delicate yarn and a bigger hook (size K) so it's very hole-y. That's actually a good thing in a baby blanket, because the baby can't suffocate. Science supports my granny habits. You heard it here first.

I just got back from attempting to give my most recent project companion animal, Delilah (a super-polydactyl cat) a bath.
I say attempting. Because it didn't work out.
She was just too afraid of the water, but my precious baby was so sweet about it! She desparately tried to get out of the tub, but she didn't scratch or claw me, she just wanted OUT!
I gave it two tries, but in the end I couldn't hold her down to bathe her and I really didn't have the heart to make her so worried. Even though her skin really needs a bath- she's got a lot of scabs from her flea bites. So now Delilah is probably a little angry with me, but she's still chilling in the yard so she's not that mad. I just wish I could soothe her skin without a bath! Dad suggested a dip, so I'll look into that.

You can't give Delilah a bath if she doesn't want one. She's from the 'hood. Not kidding.

I tried to give our old rescue/out-of-the-'hood cat, Morpheus, a bath back when he was with us. I took him on the back porch, got a wet towel, and rubbed him down. He was STANKY, y'all, so this was more than necessary. I think I got some Mane and Tail on the towel, and then rinsed him off with another one. I had to have Mom (AKA "Muhhh-ther") to help me, but he got a little clean.

All I succeeded in today was to see how very many toes Delilah has, rinse them, and possibly piss her off.
Utter failure.

Grace and peace (and flea bath),
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