Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I have a problem

climbing up stairs. Really. I can't do it without tripping, it seems, and my problem has landed me at the doctor's office (PUN!).

What broke my fall, you might ask? Well, dear reader, nothing other than my chin. Click on "my chin" for the picture of the incredible bruise that I got. That battle wound story is almost lamer than the time I dislocated my knee (sitting in a chair. Yes. I know. get the laughter out now.)

Wish me luck in my future stair climbing endeavors! Also, wish me luck in writing a blog post about something other than seriously injuring myself. (You can laugh there. I certainly am!)

God's peace,


Amy Lauren said...

This is Amy Lauren.

Sorry about hurting your chin. I looked at the pic and it looks like it hurt really, really bad! Good luck with mastering the art of stair climbing, hehe.

Brookie said...

Thanks, Amy Lauren! Haha I hope to one day achieve greatness. Until then, I'll wear my battle scars with pride. =]