Thursday, December 10, 2009

I know that I said...

that I wouldn't talk about or think about theology, BUT
it REALLY, REALLY bugs me when people start making theological assumptions and use those assumptions to judge that someone is sinning IF THAT PERSON has no formal study in the original Biblical languages or in Christian Doctrines in general.


This is a "Brookie is very upset that people are judging other people and putting words in Jesus' mouth and calling it blasphemy if you don't subscribe to their views" post. I don't really blog angry often, but here we go. A first for everything.

Please, people. Before you get your panties in a wad over a "revelation" that you had, please just do some research. And don't you dare call me a sinner if I get married and work outside the home.


Happy Hermit said...

I hear that by far.

Brookie said...

Thank you, Happy Hermit.
I really enjoy your blogging. You have a beautiful simplicity and honesty in your writing that is so refreshing. Thank you for stopping by, and especially for commenting! I hope to read from you soon =)

Anonymous said...

That is hard. When one doesn't have an understanding of the original language that Scripture came from, how can they judge rightly what the Word means?

While I do not believe that one has to pay to learn Biblical languages, I do believe that a serious Christian will learn to read/understand Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic (spelling, it's late, sorry) and understand it's nature - they will at least try.
It would be foolish to think that one has to pay to learn God's Word. :)

According to the original root words, what does blasphemy mean? Where is the word used in Scripture? Is it applicable to yesterday, today and tomorrow? Does it seem as though the word blasphemy in each instance denotes something heavy and serious, or something light and not very important?

I will be praying for you as well my friend. :) Remember that Matthew 18:15 is a crucial passage for preserving peace between believers; in it, Christ sets forth the steps necessary for dealing with sin between believers. If you ever want to talk more personally, I am always "here" for you you my sister. (((hug)))