Wednesday, December 2, 2009


is probably the best way for me to think these days. I mean, I love to just think in my head, or blog (which is different for me than journaling), and I love talking to my friends. But something about writing words down, forcing myself to think slower so that I can write everything down in a coherent sentence works for me. It calms me down, gets those crazy rushing thoughts out of my head. Do this! Do That! Process this! Learn that!
It's all so much easier when I actually write it down.
Needless to say, this is NOT the end of my blogging career. I have blogged since 8th grade. And I blogged through my freshman year of high school and managed to keep a paper journal, too. Something about those paper journals just help me to make transitions, I guess. I'm not going to analyze myself, though. I am trying to simply, and that includes not analyzing myself, my actions, anyone or their actions for a while (which is sometimes just judgment in disguise when you think about it!).

So if you see me around campus or in my room, writing away in a spiral notebook like my life depends on it (and it does!) have no fear. It's not a plot to take over the world, it's just the girl who thinks, thinking it all out. Feel free to stop me and ask me what I'm writing about. It's a better conversation starter than "how are you?" and I can promise you that if you ask me what I journaled about last night I'll be more honest than my standard "good, you?"

With a note of finality, I say to you- my dear, sweet, precious few followers (and possibly those who I don't know who are following me! Hello!),
God's peace be always with you.

P.S. I never read over and edit my posts. Here's to hoping that when I press "publish", it's something worth publishing! Anyone else just type and submit?