Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'm Presbyterian. This means that we don't generally "do" a lot about Lent. We leave it up to the individual. This individual chose to do something for Lent, and this is what I chose!

I'm adding serious prayer into my routine this Lenten season. It will hopefully mean less frivolous Facebook time and more time with God. Collegiate friends, did you all know that we have a prayer room in the campus center? That's where you'll find me!


Getting rid of MAKEUP. Shock. I know. This child is practically the international makeup spokesmodel. I've done everything but be dispatched to the UN. And I'm giving it up. Why?
I think that I view makeup as something that does more than just improve an already beautiful face or complexion. I hide behind it. I don't feel comfortable in my own skin without it. I found myself wearing makeup because I didn't fit in unless I did so.
It became my mask.

So for 40 days I will not wear it, and you, my friends, can hold me to it. Hopefully I'll learn a lesson about being myself for myself and become more comfortable in the skin that God gave me.

Lenten grace and peace,
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