Monday, February 8, 2010

Summer Work

I have a few options for a J-O-B this summer. I'm a little freaked out because I've never had a legit, tax-deducting job before, but I need to grow up and get one. Since my call is to ministry, I have found to places willing to accept my application (although they haven't promised to hire me):
1. My home church (Presbyterian) as a youth intern to either high school or middle school
2. A summer camp that has to locations, one close to home and one several hours away.

I am applying to both. There's a very real possibility that I might work at both, since the internship at the church would only be 10 weeks, so I could spend the rest of the summer working at the camp. I have never worked at a camp before but I have been to camps before- does that count? haha.

Luckily I do have experience being a youth intern. I was an unpaid intern at my old youth group for a semester and did everything from busywork for the youth pastor to "Chaperoning" middle school trips and planning mission trips for them. That was one of those stressful but so awesome things (the planning part). It was a mix of "this is a TON of responsibility" to "I have the opportunity to make this awesome for a group of kids".

So let's hope that the application process and, hopefully, the hiring process goes well. Or we can hope AND pray. That would be super cool.

Grace and peace,
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