Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well, here's a change...

A real post!

Actually, it's only a real post to those of you who aren't my friends on livejournal. I post there to keep my entries private (well, mostly private, since no one from LJ really reads my blog unless I tell them to and no one from my blog reads my LJ because they aren't my LJ friend. So there.)

I'm going to edit and then copy and paste the post in. It's pretty much the lowdown on Brookie, and if you've been a longtime reader you'll notice how much I've changed since going to college.



Evidently my church is one of the most liberal out there. Woo? I mean, liberalism has been a long time coming for me. I'm very fundamental on some things but really liberal on other stances. I guess that I'm okay being PC USA because, in all honesty, it's something to stand behind. I can disagree with things that I have reason to disagree on but when something comes up and I don't really know what to think about it, I trust my denomination enough to just fall back on them. See next section:

My church is fine with gays. Individual churches may have their own opinions, but my denomination doesn't see homosexuality as a sinful sexual identity. I mean, there's scads of theological research on both sides of the story. I've read it all. I've believed it all at one point or another. At this point, I'm kind of wobbly on where I stand but I'm essentially of the mindset that God doesn't care who you love. I go back to the "well heterosexual relationships biologically produce offspring so wasn't that God's design?" a lot, but when I think about how overpopulated we are... I am beginning to think that homosexuality could even be a blessing from God. Stop reproducing kids that you'll just screw up anyway, and if you're well-balanced enough to want a child and care for one and biologically don't make one with your partner and don't want to do artificial insemination, then adopt a child who needs a home! Care for the orphans, I seem to remember that being something that Jesus lauded. Anyway, at this point in time I can't say what I think on the gays... but it's not like they're hurting anybody. Live and let live, and if you want to get a gay partnership blessed, when I'm ordained I can do so. Woot?

And I don't mean Valentine's day. I'm talking about the Eve Ensler Vagina Day- empowering women, ending the silence, trying to end the violence toward women. My campus just had our own offshoot of the V-Day movement and it was empowering, liberating, and rewarding. For girls who have been victimized it was like a week of "Yes, this happens. It happened to me. Let's end it now" mixed with "I am FREE". I was so pumped that we have a V-Day movement here on campus and can't wait to get involved with it next year.

Has no gender. I wish that people could wrap their minds around this. God doesn't have a gender, doesn't have a sex, IS NOT A MAN. OKAY? Using "He".... whatever. Don't make a habit of it. It perturbs me slightly and if I'm cranky it can totally set me off (blame it on the Presbyterianism). But then I see this downright patriarchal theology and I want to scream. God doesn't care if I'm a man or a woman. God loves me for me. Nothing I can do will change that in any way. This is also why I'm pretty okay with the gays- there is no male or female in Christ... why do I care if sexless individual A marries sexless individual B? I don't. But this whole God thing goes so much further. Women repress themselves when they think that God's MASTER PLAN for them is to raise good Christians and keep a clean home and make their husband's life easier et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseum. Child-rearing is a SHARED job. Whether the wife stays at home to care for them or the father, it doesn't matter. It's not just one person's job. Neither is better than the other based on pure genetics. Maybe the wife IS the better full-time caregiver and that's fine with me. But the husband might be, too. Or heck, the other wife might be too. Or the other husband. Or whatever. God hasn't generalized an entire sex because God doesn't care what sex you are. God can't set gender roles when God doesn't care what gender you are. God is portrayed as a father. God is also characterized as a mother. Deal with it and move on. And stop putting my God, the creator of the universe, into a box. How offensive that must be!


I am making them. I am also starting to puzzle them out, which is incredibly exciting. (insert rambling that I'm not including for the sake of anonymity).
Have you ever noticed that people can say a lot of honest things without ever actually saying anything?

Lenten grace and peace,
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