Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Crazy Week

So, I have no idea where I am this week.

I feel like every second I'm so busy or inundated with new information that I can't process anything. I know that that means two things:

I need to start journaling again. This is different from blogging because my journal is for my eyes only. I can write whatever I need to and I don't have to hold myself back. Some things aren't appropriate to write in a blog, y'all know that. And blogging for catharsis isn't feasible all the time. "I'm feeling overwhelmed! Let me pull out my laptop and find a wireless connection..."

I need to CALM DOWN and SLEEP. Calming down involves me sitting in one place for a few hours with a good book. Sleep is just as you thought. I have to get a lot because my chronic pain problems wear me out. I think that I function best on 8-10 hours of sleep for a normal day. I have been getting closer to 6 lately. Ahh!

So, with that, I hope to have a better week next week! This week is probably down the drain. ALTHOUGH my whole foods diet has been great this week! My snacks have been whole trail mix (no chocolate or sugar or processed anything in it), my meals have been as close to whole as I can get in GDH and in Springs I get a spinach salad with grilled chicken (yum, people, YUM!) and I've been drinking water or hot tea. Of course I put a bucket of sugar in my tea, but I'm working on weaning myself! And I use Stevia from time to time when I sweeten my tea in my room.

So, that's a positive note to end on =]

Grace and peace,
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