Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why, hello 2010.

Just when I got used to writing "09" on the date, it's another new year and I have to train myself to write "10". But with this new ending comes those not-so-new promises that everyone makes and few live up to: New Year's Resolutions (With Unnecessary Noun Capitalization).

The past year I started noticing what was in the food that I was eating and how it affected my body and mind. Let's just say that sugar is not a recipe for a well thought out blog post. So this year my resolution is to seriously research foods and nutrition and figure out what exactly I'm eating, how it's metabolized, and with that knowledge, what changes I should make in my diet. And by "seriously" I mean that I now have something to procrastinate and wiki-hunt with.

I hope that this isn't going to be one of those resolutions that is never lived up to. I only have one body and this one set of original internal organs. I'd like for them to last me as long as possible, and in the best shape that they can be in. If I can be happy while doing it, it's a plus.

You all can expect a lot of posts on what I find out, not because y'all need the education but because I need the repository for the information. And I need my incredibly intelligent and loyal readers to correct me when I'm wrong!

(Random: It's 1:14 PM on January 2nd, 2010 and I just heard a firework go off. Thank you, Rednecksington.)

If you know a lot about a healthy diet and lifestyle, let me know! Comment and give me some direction. I know that baby steps are the best starting block- what baby steps can you recommend?

Grace and peace for the new year,
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